Informative Links

Gathering information online is important

Providing informative links is one of the most important services a Real Estate Agent can provide. Here are some of the ones that you may find helpful.

Explore Charlotte.... Real Estate,Business / Government & More

Charlotte Regional Business Alliance (formerly our Chamber of Commerce site). The best single source of information about Charlotte and the region. 

Others are....Charlotte Government    Mecklenburg County Government

Charlotte City Info    Charlotte in Detail     


Activities & Community Zip Code Info.

Parks & Rec     Charlotte Sports     Culture    Attractions    S.Charlotte Info.    Some Communities 

                          Hot Zip Code Information....Ballantyne Area    South Park Area 

                                               Additional Sources for South Charlotte Ballantyne Area

Go Ballantyne    Ballantyne Magazine    Discover Ballantyne     SouthPark Magazine    Charlotte Magazine            

Lets Talk....We'll answer your questions

If you have visited the HOME PAGE I hope you can appreciate the level of knowledge and involvement we have had in Charlotte since 1978. As a very experienced real estate agent I take my responsibility to answer questions as one of my most important functions. You can depend on me for relocation advice I've been doing that for 25 years. Please allow me the opportunity to answer any questions those you may have. 

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