Charlotte is one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S.

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Charlotte has a lot to offer

Growth Factors

Here is some useful information about Charlotte N.C.  Please take time to explore these links. They will share details on the regions growth Shy people are relocating here and how it drives real estate values.


Charlotte N.C. and Mecklenburg are well served in the field of healthcare. This is an important consideration in exploring real estate. We hope this useful information will be of assistance. 

The two main organizations are. 

(Note Novant will be building a new hospital in the Ballantyne area)

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Charlotte Got A Lot

Charlotte N.C. has a lot to offer in not only in exceptional real estate values but also in sports, shopping, dining, recreation, opera, theater, museums, culture.

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Charlotte N.C. offers a wide range of educational institutes including public, private, advanced and specialized institutions.

Here are some links that will provide you with useful information.