Ballantyne & South Charlotte

Live, Work, Play, Stay, Educate & Recreation

Ballantyne is located in the southern most area of Mecklenburg County about 14 miles from the uptown area of Charlotte. It considered by many to be one of the most desirable locations in the region. As it's 2,000 acres were being developed by the Bissell and Harris families they envisioned it as an almost edge city to Charlotte. Factored in to the plan was a corporate park, hotels including The Ballantyne Hotel, an array of communities that would address various residential needs including the private Ballantyne Country Club, a selection of shopping / recreational centers, parks, schools, YMCA, medical facilities and more. 

The area was planned to benefit from the multiple interchanges to the I-485 Beltway and other corridors to serve residents commuting throughout the region. 

Ballantyne has been a catalyst for continued growth throughout the South Charlotte region. This growth has added more communities, office parks, shopping & dining venues, parks, entertainment and other amenities.

Today in 2019 Ballantyne is poised to enter a new and exciting period of growth. With the change of ownership to Northwood LLC a long range comprehensive plan was developed that will make Ballantyne a World Class location.  BALLANTYNE REIMAGINED 

We have experienced this growth first hand going back to before there was a Ballantyne. In fact our neighbor was the area city council representative who was involved in the zoning need to create Ballantyne. 

With so much to share I have selected some helpful links that will be useful in learning more about not just Ballantyne but the area.

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                                             Morrison YMCA   Saras YMCA  Wingate Campus


A few local shopping destinations include......Ballantyne Village   Stonecrest   Blakeney   Promende   

Village at Robinson Farms   Carolina Place Mall   Arborboretum   Rea Farms   Waverly    


You know you've entered Ballantyne when you see the Welcome To Ballantyne signs

You know you've entered Ballantyne when you see the Welcome To Ballantyne signs

An informed community is a better community

A Most Desirable Location

The fantastic growth of the Ballantyne area started in the 1990's with the announcement by the Bissell and Harris families to create an edge city. Here the visiin was to create an entire community based on the concept of "Live, Work, Play and Stay'' over the years Educate and Recreate were incorporated to this logo. Ballantyne developed a sense of being with an influx of residents identifying themselves with the area. It gained a reputation which was well earned as one of the mose desirable location to live in.

Ballantyne Being Recreated

With the sale of Ballantyne Corporate Park property to Northwood Investors in 2017 a new vision was developed for the area. using the expertise of world class consultants a long range plan has been developed. The exciting details can be viewed on

Ballantyne Reimagined 

SouthPark Mall Area & Ballantyne define South Charlotte

South Park Mall and adjoining area is Charlotte's premier shopping destination.

South Park

The southern growth from uptown first took in the former N.C. Governor Morris family farm. It's interesting to note that his descendants are the Harris and Bissell families who developed Ballantyne.  It is home to several shopping destinations including SouthPark Mall, Special Shops, Villages at South Park and 

Phillips Place.  Collectively they and others represent a very desirable shopping experience. 

Included in the area are several office parks like the Piedmont Center, apartment buildings and a fantastic selection of dining establishments.


This area is home to both older established communities and newer ones.

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